Community Events

Access Bars® Gift and Receive
1-30-15 7:00 pm - Duke's Sports Bar & Grill
Awesome Bitches for Consciousness (and Dudes)

Access Bars® is an energetic process that is run on the head while you are laying on a massage table. This technique easily and effortlessly releases anything that doesn't allow you to receive! How much could you...

Top Golf - Happy Hour
1-30-15 7:00 pm - Duke's Sports Bar & Grill
Single Golfers in the Valley

This is a fun outing and will cost about $8.00 per person for one hour of range time.  Food and drinks will run about $10.00 per plate. No idea on what drinks cost but would think its about the same you would pay at other bars. No need to bring...

Scottsdale Singles Trivia.
1-30-15 7:00 pm - Duke's Sports Bar & Grill
Scottsdale SinglesTrivia Meetup

No experience needed. Our table is one big team. We all write down what we think the answer might be (or not) and try to figure out the most likely answer. This is fun and interesting! Please join us!

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